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Symphony orchestra is the most elite and the highest achievement of art music appreciation that consists of three types of musical instruments (or more) played by a large group of musicians : string musical instruments, woodwind & brass musical instruments and percussion (some even played by hundreds of musicians), oblidged to rehearse intensively and continually. This elite appreciations requires continuation of fund because it always suffer a financial lost and need to be formed by well-known people in music.
People say that there are a number of symphony orchestra groups in Indonesia, most are in Jakarta, but lately they are in a difficult situation that only one of them survive. Why does it happen ? This happen because they are only ?a group of organizations? without clear visions and missions. Also they do not own permanent musicians, not even one. Musicians are invited some times before the performance of one group. The commission received is used to pay the invitee musicians. There is only one good symphony orchestra, that is ISI Jogjakarta, the orchestra of ?Institute Seni Indonesia? of which musicians are lecturers and senior university students with high music tehchniques. This orchestra has become man-power to other orchestra groups. The majority of orchestra groups in Jakarta has been doing the same thing. Our symphony orchestra only invite them when we need some rare musical instruments in the orchestra to add that fifty-one members of ours.
Until the year of 2006, with the support of so many and also under God?s providence, Surabaya Symphony Orchestra has done forty-eight concerts. We are hoping that we will be able to do much more in order to bring music to the society in the future. Hopefully, Surabaya Symphony Orchestra could bring positive differences in to our lives.
The existence of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra in Indonesia in general and Surabaya in particular, reflects its motto, "Let There Be Music". A very simple get clear statement ; however, considering the situation and condition in Indonesia, it may even develop to a more complicated questions : ?Does a society choose the type of music to be ?their music? or does a type of music form a certain society ?" It is indeed simpler for us to understand that types of music could be decided by a society?s preference or choice , hence causes the existence of society?s music. Nevertheless, it is totally uneasy for us to introduce a type of music to a society who have chosen theirown music, r.e. Indonesian people with their popular "dangdut" music. This kind of music has deeply rooted into the lives of Indonesian people for hundred of years, and as a result, it is very hard for them to be opened and to accept other alternatives of music ; even with the understanding of needs to own and accept classical music as the global "language" in order to pursue a certain international standard.
Music has become a part of our every day lives. There has been no day without music. During childhood period and even when a baby is still inside the womb, mothers have been trying to expose their babies to music. This happens for music in undoubtedly believed to bring positive effect to the development of children?s mentality and psychology.
As the founder of Surabaya Symphony Orchestra International School of Orchestral Music, we have always been aware of the responsibility of planning and implementing good music education to children.
We are also the only music school in Indonesia that provides orchestra programme to accommodate, support, and improve students enthusias attitude in learning in order to create good musicians.

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