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The term “sigi” (pronounced, see ghee) is an Indonesian word referring to a torch. In its development, though, the word becomes the representation for enlightenment. From the reference to a source of light, the word “sigi” evolved into a word for knowledge, the process of seeking one, an enlightenment, an illumination. 

Having the same spirit as this word, a cultural enterprise called SIGIarts was founded; to observe, to facilitate, and to give public access to the development of the present Indonesian art. It is our wish to see and to become a part of the Indonesian zeitgeist, to build networks that reach to hubs of current cultural communities, the culturati, and the hype culture and its dynamics. SIGIarts Gallery will function as the physical venue of this effort, and as a hub in itself.

We do realize that dreams and aspirations are such fragile creatures. Therefore, a sound plan and good management is needed to facilitate their growth. In the gallery plan, we produce five themes in our five year shows plan, which includes:

The relation of identities
The triviality of truth, revisiting trust, and the betrayal of memory
On how to make ideas more loving
The beauty of (slightly) mis-interpretation
Taking charge in a dystopian world

Working in a visual enterprise would mean that the main product of our activities will be visual artifacts. However, these artifacts will not be neglected in the sterility of our gallery white-cube space. They will be connected to and put to work with the rituals of socials, and behavior of individuals, the other artifacts, and the larger infrastructures.



20 November to 12 December, 2009
Curator Hendro Wiyanto
SIGIarts Gallery Jl. Mahakam 1, no. 11 Jakarta
Tel: +62.21 726 0949 Fax:+62.21 726 1017 www.sigiarts.com

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