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The Lontar Foundation of Jakarta is the only publisher in the world to have as its primary goal the promotion of knowledge about Indonesia through Indonesian literature in translation. Since its founding in 1987 Lontar has concentrated its efforts on creating a new “market” for Indonesian literature abroad through the steady publication of Indonesian literary titles in English translation, documentary films on Indonesian writers and a range of other related activities such as seminars, conferences, author tours, and public readings.

Though its work, Lontar has laid the groundwork necessary for the wide-scale acceptance of Indonesian literature abroad. Now, with more than fifty published titles to its record, the Foundation is confident that it will soon achieve its goal of making available to the world a list of literary titles large enough in range to allow any educational institution (where English is the language of instruction) to offer courses on Indonesian literature and culture. This Lontar views as the first stage in the placement of Indonesian literary translations in the world’s bookstores and recognition of Indonesia as a strategic and multifaceted culture in the international public’s mind.

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