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Jakarta Chamber Orchestra

Initially founded in 1999 as Parahyangan Chamber Orchestra (PCO), this orchestra consists of professional musicians from Jakarta and Yogyakarta . In 2001 they held a concert “String Serenade” , performing works of Handel, Mozart, Elgar and Britten.

PCO has performed in several concerts accompanying PSM Unpar and Batavia Madrigal Singers performing Dixit Dominus (Handel), Messiah (Handel), Mass in C minor by Mozart and Haydn's Symphony No. 96 .

Due to their activities were mostly held in Jakarta, in 2002 the orchestra was transformed into Jakarta Chamber Orchestra (JCO) , while Avip Priatna remains as the music director and conductor, supported by some of the Indonesia's most prominent musical figures: Oerip S. Santoso, Tony Prabowo, Iswargia Sudarno and Binu D. Sukaman.

With JCO, Avip aims to bring the symphony music – both orchestral symphony and vocal symphony - closer to people.

Since their first (debut) concert - Mozartabend - in April 2002, JCO has performed the following concerts:

  • “All Beethoven Program”
  • “Bach and 20 th Century Music”
  • “Classics for Young People 1”
  • “ An Enchanting Evening of Music and Harmony ” collaborating with Bimasena, Yayasan Kebun Raya Indonesia and Italian Cultural Centre – Italian Embassy in Jakarta
  • Musical Dinner " Eine Kleine Nachtmusik ”
  • “A Romantic Evening with PLN” collaborating with PLN on the occasion of the National Electricity Day
  • 70 tahun Prof. Dr. Toety Herati Noerhadi Roosseno”
  • Classics for Young People: Carnival of the Animals ” featuring 2 teenage pianists, a child violinist , and a teenage soprano
  • “ Glorious Barogue ” with Batavia Madrigal Singers
  • “ Broadway Night ” with Batavia Madrigal Singers

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