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The next jakARTa kolektors exhibition will open Saturday, February 7, 6:30 PM, at Jl. Danau Maninjau No. 93. Running until Sunday, February 15, the show will feature works by Daniel Flanagan, S. Teddy D., and Tisna Sanjaya. Information about the artists and samples of their work is being prepared for posting at jakARTa kolektors’ website (www.jakartakolektors.com). If it’s not on the site today, it should be on tomorrow.
Anyone who knows about Indonesian art is familiar with the names S. Teddy D. and Tisna Sanjaya. Google their names and you will find thousands of citations for both. Daniel Flanagan, however, might require a brief introduction…  Daniel, a young American artist who specializes in figure painting, came to Indonesia in July 2008 and has been living in Yogyakarta since that time. As is amply demonstrated by the work that he has produced since his arrival, he is a talented painter with a keen eye. Daniel met Tisna Sanjaya on a trip he made to Bandung and began to “hang out” with S. Teddy shortly after his move to Yogya. All three artists are absolutely dedicated to their vocation; all three demonstrate a love for the human figure, each in his own way. I believe you will share with me delight in their work.
jakARTa kolektors is not a profit motivated enterprise and as at past exhibitions, a small financial contribution will be levied at the door to help cover part of the cost of food and beverages.
I will be sending out a select number of formal invitations but you do not need one to attend. That said, I would greatly appreciate it if you drop me a line to confirm whether or not you will be able to join us that evening.
Yours sincerely,
John McGlynn


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