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Goethe Haus

The Goethe-Institut Jakarta over a preeminent own modern auditorium with 301 seats and a lobby-gallery for exhibitions.The Goethe House is one of the most important meeting places for the cultural scene in the city of Jakarta.


The function room in the Goethe House is well suited for chamber and choral concerts and small theatrical and dance performances. It is also suitable for film screenings, lectures and seminars. The Goethe-Institut rented the auditorium for educational and cultural institutions, musicians and ensembles, theater groups, companies and individuals.


The Foyer Gallery at the Goethe House provides adequate space for photo, video and poster exhibitions. Artist talks, press conferences or discussions in small groups can take place here as well.

The courtyard is an attractive meeting place before and after events. There may also be drinks and food are offered.

The function room has the following facilities:
•301 seats
•a stage (5.90 x 10.86 meters)
•2 dressing rooms with showers
•two 16 mm projectors
•an audio and video system with microphones
•Lighting (30 lamps)
•LCD (3000 ANSI Lumens) and a screen (5x6 meters)
•a wing (GROTRIAN)
•VHS and DVD player

Inquiries should be addressed to:
Tel: +62 21 23550208-115
Fax: +62 21 23550021


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