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Galeri Nasional
galeri national
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Galeri Nasional Indonesia represent one of the functioning culture institute for the protection, development, and  asset exploiting as education-cultural medium and recreation and also creativity development and artistic apreciation. Galeri Nasional Indonesia represent Technical Unit Executor ( UPT) in Departmental environment of Culture And Tourism, dimiciling below/under and hold responsible to Cultural Director-General Value, Art And Film, which is everyday to be executed by Director Artistry. Galeri Nasional Indonesia have duty execute gathering, documentation, registration, research, conservancy, treatment, security, presentation, dissemination of educative tuition and information to fine art aspects.

Galeri Nasional Indonesia besides collecting fine arts masterpiece which is modern cultural expression, picturesquely, sketch, graphically, idol, and photography, also collect crafts and ethnic art which have certain esthetics, like is ceramic, puppets and batik.

In this Time Galeri Nasional Indonesia have around 1700 Indonesia masterpiece collections and State of other countries, for example: Raden Saleh, Hendra Gunawan, Affandi S. Sudjojono, Basoeki Abdullah, Barli Sasmitawinata, Trubus, Popo Iskandar, Sudjana Kerton, Dede Eri Supria, Ivan Sagito, Lucia Hartini, Iriantine Karnaya, Hendrawan Riyanto, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, Good Ida [of] Made, I Ketut Soki, Wassily Kandinsky ( Russia), Hans Hartung ( Germany), Victor Vassarely ( Hungarian), Sonia Delauney ( Ukraina), Piere Soulages ( French), Zao Wou Ki ( China).

Besides there are masterpiece from Nations Movement Non-Blok, like from Sudan, India, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, and others



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