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Capella Amadeus String

The Capella Amadeus String Chamber Orchestra is the embodiment of an idealistic dream of Grace Sudargo. For a long time she had wanted to form a small chamber orchestra which would be able to perform classical music of high quality.


She materialized her dream in July 1993 through the establishment of an ensemble made up mostly of her best students and teachers. She named it Capella Amadeus. The name Amadeus is of course taken from the all time great composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791). Nevertheless, this does not mean that Capella Amadeus restricts itself to performing only Mozart's works.


The members of the orchestra are selected by Grace, for she is the one who best knows their technical level, quality of play and personality. The doors are also open to whoever wishes to join the group, as long as he/she is ready to work hard with a great deal of self discipline.


The Orchestra has performed in Jakarta and other cities, mostly by invitation from different communities. The group also participated in a mosterclass by Cecilia Barczyk in January 1995, orchestral workshops with Phillip Green in October 1996 and April 2002, as well as chamber orchestra workshop with Prof. Christiane Hutcap in March 2000 and with Robert Brown in March 2001.


Besides its regular concerts frequently performed in Jakarta, Capella Amadeus in 1997 began a new chapter in its activities: to make an annual tour to regions outside Java. Since then the orchestra has visited Medan (1997), Bali(] 998), Bali and Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) (1999), Padang (2000), Balikpapan (2001) and Monado (2002). In August 2003, it went one step further in music when it presented the first complete opera in many years, i.e. Pergolesi's "La Serva Padrone", with a cast of Australian singers and conductor Phillip Green. In December 2004, Capella had the honor to play as orchestra with renowned US-based Indonesian conductor Yahya Ling at 2 Christmas concerts in Jakarta. The performances were a big success and a proof that Capella Amadeus is going from strength to strength in realizing its mission of exposing more and more people in Indonesia to the beauty of classical music.


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